Lara Magenta is an adventure game based on anagrams.

In this version you will find only the tutorial and the first two levels.
More levels with increasing difficulty will come in the future.


  • To move Lara, click on destination point.
  • To collect objects, click or drag them to the inventory area.
  • Clicking on an object you see a short description of it. 
  • Drag any object in the circle to anagram it. Once finding an anagram, the object transforms and you can use it.
  • Sometimes you can also match objects.
  • An object highlights when dragged on a point where it can be dropped to.
  • Solve situations and go on with the adventure.

Have fun!

Install instructions

Simply download and execute it.


Download 35 MB
laramagenta_linux.tgz 39 MB
laramagenta_macosx.dmg 52 MB

Also available on

Development log


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Wish the game was a bit more consistent in how it defined screen edges (some of the places were a bit too finicky in where you need to click in order to switch screens)

And I'd like to see a (per screen) zip-mode for paths you've already taken before. (but I don't demand it.)

but, all in all, a good game so far.

Thanks for your suggestions and for your opinion.

The edges problem is known and I'll try to fix it.

I just started to develop the third level.


Great idea and fun demo! 

It's a good combination of word and adventure play. The relatively shord words give you a chance to find something suitable and making the takable objects shake a bit was also nice, so there is no pixel hunting.

A few objects I couldn't use (Comb, for example), but I guess that's intended.

Again, this was an interesting concept and it was executed very well, IMO.

Thank you! :)